Bullying: The Problem Of Cyberbullying In The Internet

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Cyberbullying is an issue that has risen with the rise of technology. Many internet users at school age fall victim to this breed of bullying on the web. The solution is simple, but many fail to take action. Additionally, there are people who are aware of cyberbullying, but they believe its effects are overstated due to its popularity among news channels today. I believe cyberbullying is a problem that must be dealt with, and that the solution is simple, parents must monitor their children’s internet use and be vigilant against any threats from the web.
It has been proven that Cyberbullying is just as bad as traditional bullying, kids’ feelings are still hurt; bullies are benefiting from the misery of others, and the world is
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All of these arguments have made it obvious that cyberbullying is a problem in young people’s lives, and must be addressed accordingly. What people fail to see is that the solution is overwhelmingly simple, for parents, monitor your child’s internet activity, and for children, just get off the net and you’re good. For governments though, they must criminalize this form of bullying, for adults also participate and enjoy making the lives of children miserable. The solution is easy, it’s only up to you to decide whether or not to take action. (Doucet …show more content…
According to Hayward, the anti-cyber bullying laws are a threat to free speech because they are “vague and broad”, they will sometimes prohibit students from having a completely normal conversation with one another. So in other words, cyber bullying is a threat to the first amendment of the constitution. An example of the extremity of this law is the case of a 13 year old boy and a couple of friends who created a spoof club called “Chihuahua Haters of America” and a website called “Chihuahua Haters of the World”. This student was punished for “creating a Web page implicating a Dowell animal hate group.”(Hayward 2). This is just one of the many cases of the laws encompassing things normal children would do for

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