Cyber Bullying Pros And Cons

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Cyberbullying is an issue that has risen with the rise of technology. Many internet users at school age fall victim to this breed of bullying on the web. The solution is simple, but many fail to take action. Additionally, there are people who are aware of cyberbullying, but they believe its effects are overstated due to its popularity among news channels today. I believe cyberbullying is a problem that must be dealt with, and that the solution is simple, parents must monitor their children’s internet use and be vigilant against any threats from the web.
It has been proven that Cyberbullying is just as bad as traditional bullying, kids’ feelings are still hurt; bullies are benefiting from the misery of others, and the world is overall a worse place for many people. That can all be prevented by the criminalization of Cyberbullying or by having the parents more involved with their children’s internet use. These
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Carney Bonner, who runs a mentoring and support group says “one in three people aged between 11 to 17 are cyber bullied, with girls three times more likely. It goes to school with you, it comes home with you, it goes in the shower with you, it goes everywhere you go.”(Doucet 2). He summarizes the pro argument for anti-cyberbullying laws with this quote, it explains how often children are attacked and how much it affects them in life. Meanwhile Hayward says “Undowbtedly suppressing student speech under the guise of preventing “cyber bullying” is no more permissible than attempting to stifle it under the rubric of “anti-harassment.” Both run afoul of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech.” (Hayward 4). So overall cyberbullying is a threat that must be addressed, but for now, anti-cyberbullying laws seem to be the

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