Essay on Bullying: Teacher and Healthy Anti-bullying Habits

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Bullying Bullying is a big issue in the world these days. It is our job as teachers to address this issue in our classroom and teach children that bullying is not ok. Antonio’s “looking glass self” is related to his answerability because he knows that he will be held accountable for the decisions. The role this has on his desire to change his behavior is because he realizes what he was doing is wrong. As a teacher I would plan an activity for the whole class to participate in to teach the effects of bullying. I think a good activity that I could plan for my students would be to let them create a play that discusses bullying. First we would talk about what bullying means, how the person being bullied feels, and how the bully might …show more content…
If they learn how it feels to be bullied they will begin to understand what the other kids feel like when they are being bullied. Check with your child’s school and make sure there is nothing going on at school that might be affecting how their behavior is towards other kids. If they are having problems making friends there is a possibility that they are reacting by bullying other kids. Also, check a home, and make sure there is nothing going on at home that you are not aware of that could be affecting their behavior. A sibling, parent or other family member could be bullying them, which in turn they bully others. Lastly, be a good example. If your child is seeing you be a bully to others they are likely to repeat the behavior they are seeing. If you show your child how to respect others and be kind then they are likely to mimic your actions when it comes to their relationships with other kids. Bullying is a huge issue in the USA these days. It is very important for teachers, parents, and administration to be on top of the issue in their schools. A parent needs to be proactive and if their child is being bullied they need to stand up and say something. Also, if a teacher or administrator notices someone being bullied they need to step up and make sure that the student knows it is not ok for other students to pick on them. Also, make sure the bully knows that their behavior is not accepted in school, and show them ways to change.

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