Bullying Should Not Be A Narrative For Physical Aggression Essay

813 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
1. Bullying cannot be pinned down to a singular behavior or form. Rather, most kids who bully use multiple tactics to inflict repetitive acts of unwanted aggression on their weaker victims (p.9). 1. This statement means that bullying should not be a narrative for physical aggression only. In addition, there are different forms of aggressions that bullies can use to inflict harm or hurt on their victim. Furthermore, bullying can be difficult to identify and differentiate the forms of aggressions. Regardless of the difficulties, when adults and kids are knowledgeable on the topic, they will be able to recognize the warning signs of bullying.
I have not seen instances of this in my experience; however, I’m learning there are different forms of aggressions besides physical and verbal bullying. Physical and verbal bullying is easy to identify since the acts are noticeable and visible. The difficult aggression to identify is cyber bullying which involves technology and occurs behind the scenes with no witnesses. When users are on-line, they can surf the net anonymously with no regards for anybody feelings.
This information will change how I view the world because there are many aggressions besides physical and verbal bullying that need attention. Most people are immune to recognize physical and verbal aggressions, yet, relational and cyber aggressions are more difficult to identify. Being able to recognize and differentiate the aggressions will enable me to gain knowledge of the…

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