Persuasive Essay On Bullying

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“One 's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” - Michael J. Fox. Bullying is a very serious problem not just in the community or schools, it’s also a problem in the world. It brings both pain and fear to those who witness it. Bullying shows many sides of the world that shouldn’t even be there. I strongly believe that bullying should discontinue because it causes health problems, lowage of social and academic abilities and even self-harm to the victims in the process.

Health Problems on Bullying
Maybe you’re having an off day and you don’t really want to talk to anyone at the moment. A friend comes up to you and tries to ask a question, not knowing you’re having your moody days. Bullying is kind of like that only it hurt the victim more than it hurts you. It shows hateful feelings that can be imposed by this action. I believe that bullying should be stopped because it causes health problems in the lives of those who are victims of bullying. People who are a victim of bullying experience “depression, anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and
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Bullying strikes fear in those who choose not to help and power in those who do. Why I believe that young kids feel the need to bully is because either they don’t like to fight so that no one knows how scared they are or they just feel the need to intimidate those around them. Maybe bullying is going on is because those who are the bully are jealous of what the victim may have or want. It goes to show that being a bully just means that you will brings problems not only to the victim but also to yourself and bystanders around you. “Fighting means you could lose. Bullying means you can 't. A bully wants to beat somebody; he doesn 't want to fight somebody.” - Andrew Vachss. So is this getting resolved to the end or is this just the

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