Should Bullies Get Kicked From School Essay

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Should bullies get kicked from school? Well, I think they should from kick from school because bullying is a big problem for children that could go through it. We hear about this on the news for quite sometimes. Some students don’t even go because of bullying. Bullying occurs because a person wants power and lacks knowledge of other cultures. Usually when students bullies, they try to be mean to others. Some bullies push it too far when trying to annoy others, but ending up getting into a fight with others. An example of bullying are calling someone names, hitting somebody for a reason, or saying mean words on social media. The common types of bullying are verbal bullying, physical bullying, and cyber bullying. …show more content…
Physical bullying is a problem that affected not only the bully and the victim, but the students who are witnessing the bully. There are many physical interactions between the young people and the older person. An example of physical bully is fighting, stealing, and pushing. Physical bullying can cross line of doing sexual assault or sexual harassment. This makes physical bullying the worst bully type than the others. Physical bully occurs often in school for many reasons. Middle school students’ are more likely affected by physical bullying than high school because almost all of middle school students are affected. Also, this bullying type is more likely to happen to males than females. Some students want to bully to have control or power over another. Bullies are physically stronger than their victims. The bully has trouble following rules, caring for others, and self-control. Usually if they continue to do so, may cause them to have problems in life. Therefore, physical bullying causes the students to skip school, take a weapon to school, or talk about suicidal which cause parents to be concerned. Bullying should be kicked from school before causing any of these

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