Bullying Should Be Identified Since The Beginning Of Written History

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Bullying can be identified since the beginning of written history. Its in human nature to

feel the need to create a class system and define it, from the Lepers and Jews in the bible, to the

Salem Witch trials, to the African American civil rights movement; these are all severe cases of

bullying. It is often cruel in nature and modern day bullying is no exception. Cyberbullying is,

simply stated, the evolved state of modern bullying. Why is cyberbullying on the rise and how do

you stop it?

”There are more reported incidents of acts of cyberbullying cropping up on campus and a

rise in incidents of teenage suicide has coincided with the rise in incidents of cyberbullying”

(Sturgis). Let me start by stating that I do in no way advocate bullying, nor do I feel it is an

acceptable aspect of our culture, and I hold the deepest condolences for the parents and families of

the individuals who have died because of it. With that being said, there are 2 factors of “the rise in

incidents of cyberbullying” that need to be taken into account when discussing how to prevent it.

First, cyberbullying is the new generation of bullying, with virtually everyone on social media in

today, acts of malice are bound to arise. However, does this mean that we are becoming a society

that strives to inflict injury on one other for entertainment? I think not, we must call it as is, by

assuming that students (13­24) are the main focus in these study’s; and understanding that


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