Bullying Prevention Should Take Place Essay

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“I kill about 13 million kids a year,” said bullying. Obviously bullying isn 't a person but this is a true fact. Each and everyday people suffer from bullying. It can threaten students physical and emotional safety at school, and can affect their ability to learn. It can even lead to depression, and even death. The U.S. Department of Justice found that 160,000 kids per day do not attend school for fear of being bullied. Bullying prevention should take place in High Schools. To begin with, it is important to be able to recognize the different types of bullying. The first type and the most obvious is physical bullying, this is where physical violence is used. The bully can make the victim feel intimidated or scared, while the bully feels in control. Some examples, would be hitting, kicking, slapping, or pushing. Verbal bullying is the second type. This is where words are used to belittle the victim, and make them feel bad about themselves. This would be making fun of what someone is wearing, or calling them hurtful names. A common type of bullying for teenage girls is emotional manipulation. This is where the bully is used to gain social standing. This often occurs in “cliques,” or groups. These two types of bullying are usually not taken seriously, and pushed aside. It is hard for teachers, and parents to recognize it. But the truth is, verbal and emotional bullying can hurt just as bad as physical bullying. With technology increasing dramatically, so has cyberbullying.…

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