Bullying Prevention And Prevention

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Bullying Prevention
Bullying is a problem in today’s society, how can we stop it? First we have to understand bullying and also have continuous community involvement. Three main steps to take out bullying, identify bullying and locations that bulling takes place, and prevention.
Understanding bullying is also an important key to the purpose of bullying prevention. The Department of Health and Human Services has stated a definition for bullying, The core elements of the definition include: unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and repetition of behavior or high likelihood of repetition (Facts about Bullying). The definition that was from The Department of Health and Human Services fits the description of a bully
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Helping kids to speak out against bullying would be a good start but the real problem is people who just don’t care. We need more people like “Ray Tomblin” because his outlook on bullying in schools is exactly what we need. To conclude “Ray” says “Bullying is not only a statewide problem, but a national problem, and I’m proud we are working together to give every student a safe and supportive learning environment” (Tomblin). In addition, the people that says they are not affected by bullying in anyway are ones who don’t truly understand bullying and most likely haven’t had to deal with a bully or victim. Also the types to say that are one who have been a bully once before and hadn’t even noticed the distress they caused another person. Really this is just a cry out to help people understand the severity of bullying and the cause and affect it plays in everyday …show more content…
“Shaheen Shariff” has a good point of view on this which she is also quoted by “Teddy Moline”, “Shariff” urges parents and educators to address the root causes of bullying, “a form of abuse that is based on an imbalance of power”, and rejects anti-bullying programs that focus on the symptoms, not the disease (Moline). In this imbalance of power I believe it represents a sort of dominance between victim and bully giving one side an advantage thus creating a bully and his or her victim. Dominance seems to be an over bearing problem as well which leads to differences. It’s understandable to have differences but to act upon them in violent or any aggressive way means at some point the bully their selves has had their own bullying experience. Thus creating a chain of events that will only be stop by a strong individual by standing up for one’s self or another influence. Concluding that a person will have to speak out against the bully and make the bully stop, if this doesn’t work another options could be necessary. Which is an adult that needs to be notified as soon as a person discovers a bullying occurrence. That

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