11 Facts About Bullying In Schools

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Every person knows of bullying. It can start with a simple comment and quickly escalate to severe, even sometimes fatal outcomes. All people are aware of this, but do not take any actions to prevent it, some even know how it feels. “On average, only 17% of students report bullying”(11 Facts About Bullying). “71% of students say bullying is a problem at schools”(11 Facts About Bullying). No one likes this so why to let it continuously happen. Bullies have such a drastic effect on others they should be arrested and put in jail because they are criminals. Many people believe bullies are just ignorant people who do not see the consequences, but they are criminals breaking laws and hurting others self-esteem, causing eating disorders, and even …show more content…
Many people believe that bullies do not commit crimes. Yet there are laws against harassment, making threats, stalking, verbal abuse, and physical abuse. If any person breaks any one of these laws, they are charged with consequences with either a fine, time in jail, the judicial process. Bullies break all of these.They harass, threaten, abuse and stalk the victims. Bullies, therefore, are breaking the same laws and should have to go through the exact same process, like other criminals. Yet the only punishment a bully will receive is a teacher or adult telling them to stop, given some type of detention, but most have no punishment at all. These bullies just continue to do what they are doing because they never receive the punishment the bully deserves. “In addition to jail time and fines, penalties for harassment can include court-ordered psychological counseling. Sentences also frequently forbid a defendant from having direct or indirect contact with the victim”(Nolo “Harassment and Cyberbullying as a crime”). According to this article. Adults served with harassment charges go through psychological counseling. Bullies are committing all of these crimes and should be treated as the criminals they …show more content…
“Researchers found that 5% of children were bullies, but only 0.5% were "true" bullies, while 4.5% were bullied themselves”(Dan Bloom “Study finds Bullies are the Bullies too”). These statistics show most likely the bully was originally a victim. If the bully was initially a victim, then they do know how it feels to be picked on and made fun of. Therefore, they know exactly what they are doing. It is nearly impossible for a person not to realize that they are harming someone. How can one person not be aware that they are physically, mentally, emotionally harming and abusing that individual? A bully belittling a person usually means they are putting someone down so they can feel better about themselves. The bully has to know that, when they do this they are harming someone. The bully knows that if they are not mean to anyone, they will not feel better. The bully realizes that they have the power to harm others for their benefit. Bullies are aware of this and instead of sending them to jail they should have to go through counseling, do community service, and apologize to all the victims. All of these activities can show the bully that they are wrong and if it continues they can be sent to prison for breaking the law. So, in fact, bullies do know what they are doing to

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