Bullying Laws Should Be Stricter? Essay

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Bullying rules need to be stricter because the suicide rate has increased, more students drop out because of bullying/harassment, and more students have been diagnosed with depression.
Bullying rules need to be stricter because the suicide rate has increased. Bullying, the trademark of angst-filled teenage years, has always been viewed as a rite of passage or just simply an unpleasant part of growing up. However, what began as “harmless” taunting has transformed into shocking acts of hatred, verbal harassment and physical abuse. Which leads to dropouts, and will increase the dropout rates. “The issue came to a head in April when 11-year-old Jaheem Herrera committed suicide at his Atlanta-area home after his parents say he was tormented repeatedly in school.
Officials denied it, and an independent review found bullying wasn’t a factor, a conclusion his family rejects.” (The Washington Times) This is why we need to enforce and be more strict on bullying rules. Kids are killing herself. There were two girls that had committed suicide in the same district. that 's why rules need to be more strict. More students drop out because of bullying/harassment as there salution. I think bullying should have more focus and attention on it. This needs to stop. It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidated by other students. American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million victims.…

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