Bullying Is Wrong Or Wrong? Essay

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Bullying is wrong because its victims experience not only a difficult time to focus on school work but, also in keeping their up and staying alive. Bullies don 't notice how deep their actually impacting their victims life 's. There are various ways that a person can be bullied. If you make someone feel inferior to you or you 're making them feel intimidated by you that, is considered bullying. In the article, make a sound for a voice unheard the author states that “more than 160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied.” Students hate their aggressor so much they have a hard time focusing on school work because their just thinking of how to get rid of being bullied. Bullying needs to address and possibly obstruct in order for students to be successful in their education. One way a person can bully is through today 's electronics and technology; this way is called Cyber bullying. Bully 's feel bigger, better, and stronger than you; these bullies ' use physical force to hurt you. In the article, Bullying Facts and Statistics, “it says that male bullying more often consists of verbal and physical abuse, whereas female bullies more commonly use more verbal abuse and social bullying by spreading of rumors”. Bullies have no limits, as sexually being bullied also accrues when sexual harassment starts. Since students waste so much time thinking about how to get rid of their bullies, it is almost impossible for them to focus on school work. Today 's children…

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