Bullying Is The Victim Of Bullying Essay

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It 's very important that everyone get a good understanding of bullying. It 's also important that everyone see 's how dangerous bullying is; not only to the victims but those who are participating in this harmful activity. Bullying can happen to anyone, it doesn 't mater what race your are; it doesn 't matter what sex you are even ager it can happen to anyone. In my paper I 'm going to be focusing on different kids being the victim of bullying because, I 've read so many articles on young kids being bullied and it really touched me to write an essay about it. To understand what cyberbullying is, you have to know what bullying is and what kind of activity occurs. Bullying is when a child at school, shows very aggressive behavior towards other children.This aggressive behavior happens repeatedly everyday, not only that but kids who are involved in such behavior are physical verbal bullied. Whenever a child is being bullied the bullying can include harmful things such ad threats, spreading rumors or excluding the victim from activities are groups. Now that I have explained the bullying I 'm going to discuss different types of bullying. Verbal bullying is when your writing mean things or saying mean thing 's, physical bullying is when your harming someone 's body or belongings. Then you have social bullying is what a lot of smaller kids experience, in my opinion social bullying is when your hurting someone 's reputation or relationship.An example is excluding someone out of an…

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