Bullying Is The New Way Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying is one of the main problems in many schools, which consequences can be lethal. It is vitally important to understand that concept of bullying were common events, which faced every teenager in the school years, but nowadays because of beatings and 24-hour harassment through technology, bullying has become a dangerous, life-threatening epidemic. Bullying described as being characterized by knowingly aggressive behavior that connected to an imbalance of power and strength. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, psychological problems. There are three types of bullying : physical , verbal , nonverbal. Lea Simms, Sarah Bushman, MPP and Sarah Pedersen (2016) in their article claims that bullying can be verbal, social, physical and cyberbullying. Verbal bullying is the teasing, name calling or taunting. Social bullying can be exemplified as telling others to not to be friends with someone, or spreading rumors. Physical bullying is kicking, hitting or breaking someone’s things. Cyber bullying is the new way of bullying nowadays, which happens through email or text. Due to growth of the communication via internet among students, teachers should understand that cyberbullying is becoming a serious problem. Cyberbullying is the “use of any electronic device to harass, intimidate, or bully another” (Mahoney, 2012) Actually, one out of every four students (22%) report being bullied during the school year. (National Center for Educational Statistics,…

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