Bullying Is The Most Common Bullying Essay example

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The word bullying is used to describe many different types of violent or intimidating behavior. Bullying is certainly not easy to classify but here are the main types that have been identified. The first is verbal bullying which is the most common bullying. This type of bullying includes name calling and gossiping. The second is physical bullying which involves the use of physical force such as hitting and pushing. This type of bullying can cause harm or even put someone in the hospital. The third is indirect verbal bullying, and this kind of bullying involves hurtful and untruthful comments behind someone’s back. It can include spreading of rumors. The last is Cyber-bullying which is the newest form of bullying identified and has become a concern in recent years. This involves bullying by means of chat rooms, instant messaging, mobile phones, or even emails and social media. Some people think that bullying is harmless. However, bullying changes people’s lives for the worse by causing social avoidance, deep depression, and suicide. Verbal bullying is a type of bullying not often considered when the topic is brought up. It mainly involves name calling by peers. The biggest problem with verbal bullying is that there can be many people all involved in the hurt of the one peer. The worst part of being a victim to this situation is the feeling of being all alone with no one to help you. There many types of verbal bullying name calling, insulting, making racist, sexist or…

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