Bullying Is The Biggest Problem Essay

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The Bully Has to Go
Bullying is the biggest problem arising in young children today. Children are bullied for many reasons, but obesity bullying is probably the most common. Children with obesity are forced to interact with their bullies because many bullies are around them daily. Bullying can cause many things in childhood, and can also affect adulthood.
Obesity has become very common in the world today. However, childhood obesity is more complicated that adult obesity. When a child has obesity, he or she will have many health problems. High blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and asthma are some of the health problems that arise in young children. When health problems show up at an early age, they often follow into adulthood. As a child, some of the health problems can be eliminated if the right help is provided. If a child eats healthy and exercise, he or she will have a less chance of having heart disease. Health problems are not the only thing that children with obesity go through, but they also go through bullying among their peers and others.
Children are living in the world where appearance is everything. If one is not the appropriate size, he or she may not be considered for certain things. Obese children are usually considered last for most things. ”An obese child would be considered last place ranking while a normal weight child would be considered for a first place ranking (Gray, Kahhan, Janicke). Children who struggle with obesity are judged by…

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