Bullying Is Prohibited On School Grounds Essay

1414 Words Sep 10th, 2014 6 Pages
School. Most people shudder at that thought. Crowded hallways, obnoxious yelling, stubborn students, waking up early, seven hours of classes, and homework. Though school has classes like World History and there is homework and teachers who play favorites, I do have my band family and my friends. Plus, a structure so I don’t waste the day away. There’s always a bright side to everything, even school, like yin and yang. Everyone has likes and dislikes about school- the rules, the classes, and just in general- especially a very opinionated person like me. To begin with, the school rules are both likeable and sometimes… not. The rules keep people in line, even if people don’t want to be kept there. This stops people from harming each other. Bullying is prohibited on school grounds, and consequences will ensue if you are found to be bullying someone, physically or emotionally, which everyone likes about school rules. Except bullies, but they don’t count since they are a biased opinion. Also, by keeping people in line, it is an attempt at a level playing ground for the students; they all have an equal chance at everything if they want something. No student is put above another and all students are held accountable for their actions. Along with keeping people in line, school rules create a structure. A structure makes it easier for me to concentrate, knowing what I can and can’t do and a general how to do certain stuff. Having a structure in place also keeps the school from being…

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