Essay on Bullying Is On The Rise

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Bullying is on the Rise
In today 's society, bullying has become a huge problem. It affects people in all stages of life and it is becoming increasingly worse. A bully is someone who tries to belittle other individuals by intimidating or insulting them. Bullies say hurtful things to people and often target someone who looks weaker than them. Bullying not only affects victims emotionally, but it also affects them physically. There are various types of bullying that affect people 's everyday life such as physical, verbal, social, and cyberbullying. Bullying has been a huge issue for quite sometime and surrounds us in our everyday settings. Victims of bullying should be introduced to interventions and seek help when they feel it is needed, and parents should more involved in their child 's life.
What would a person do if they saw a bullying incident at their school or outside their school? Would this person stand back and let the bullying continue? Would this person join in on the bullying? A better question to be asked is “How can they stop the bullying act?” This is the reality of what many bystanders face on a daily basis. The reality is that a bystander plays a vital role in a bullying situation. They have to stand up for the victim and defend them from whatever is going on. It will make the bully feel like they have less power and most likely persuade them to stop. According to the Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health, “This study investigated forgiveness as a…

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