Bullying Is On The Rise Essay

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According to ABC news, in October, 2013, bullying is on the rise. The last couple of years the news and social media have been filled with stories of bullying. Just last week, there was a story on ABC news about a fifteen year old autistic boy from Ohio, who was deceived into pouring a bucket of urine and feces on his head. The pranksters told the boy that it was for the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) ice bucket challenge. The boy trusted the pranksters and in return he was mortified. After finding out about this story, I began to wonder what makes someone bully others. I also started to think about how my high school bullying experience was and how I had been on both sides of bullying. I then did some research on stopbulling.gov. According to the source, “1 in 4 children in the United States is a victim of bullying.” Bullying happens to all ages from pre-school all the way to elderly. I discovered that there are three primary causes how children become bullies: being bullied at home, peer pressure, and shame.
The first cause that could create a bully is being bullied at home. When parents continually yell at their children, this shouting could make a child act out toward others. For example, my oldest nephew Hayden, who is seven years old and is a bully. The incident happened at my daughter Madisyn’s second birthday party. I was watching the kids jump in the jump house. I turned my back for a split second to hear Hayden yelling at Madisyn. I turned back around to see…

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