Essay about Bullying Is Not Or Verbally Bullied As A Child

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I was never physically or verbally bullied as a child. I was shy and soft spoken; therefore, I never did anything to attract attention to myself. Instead of harassment, I had more difficulty dealing with isolation. Though this is not same type of bullying we had seen in the video, it did make me depressed and abandoned. I typically felt this while attending McKinley High School. McKinley is full of cliques, which may be due to a high rate of students from the same middle schools. Most of these students remain with their middle school cliques for the majority of their high school career. When I entered McKinley, all of my friends were from Washington Middle School. Having had so much history with them, I thought of myself as an integral part of the group. However, as high school progressed, I realized that I was never invited to any of their events. They would plan it in front of me; however, they never asked if I would like to join them. They would recall their shared memories and inside jokes, while I awkwardly sat at a table of strangers, whom I thought were my friends. This made me feel ostracized. I felt like I was a leach just holding onto the outside of their circle. I decided to leave when they began “interviewing” people to join their group. The interviewing process consisted of a self-made test that contained questions based on facts about the members of the clique. I thought that was unreasonable and realized that I did not want to be associated…

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