Essay on Bullying Is Not Just Name Calling

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Banishing Bullying Since bullying has been making media headlines more frequently recently, it seems as though there is a rise in bullying lately. Bullies use intimidation to create a sense of fear into their victims, they typically target those who seem to be easy prey. Continual name calling, teasing, social isolation, exclusion, physical intimidation and physical assault are all forms of bullying. Bullying is not just name calling, it is the systematic harassment of an individual with intent to cause substantial emotional distress. Research shows that 50% of high school students said they bullied someone and 47% said they had been bullied in the past year. Bullying has lasting social and psychological implications not only for its victims, but for the bullies as well. There are also certain characteristic traits that make one a bully or a victim. As bullying becomes more prominent in our society it is crucial to search for the causes and solutions to this ever increasing problem. Child victims of bullying, during the past 12 months and in their lifetime, by gender, age, and type of bullying, 2008* Past 12 months Lifetime
*Data given as percentage of children surveyed; 4,549 total (2,276 female and 2,273 male).
SOURCE: Finkelhor, D., H. Turner, S. Ormrod, and S.L. Hamby. “Violence, Abuse, and Crime Exposure in a National Sample of Children and Youth.” Pediatrics 124, no. 5 (2009): 1411–23.
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