Bullying Is Not Be Tolerated At Schools Essay

761 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s world of unfortunate tragedies bullying has been one the biggest, and has affected us here in the U.S. Most school shootings have happened because of bullying and peoples negligence towards others feelings. Reported by authorities, who say most of the shooters had been repeatedly bullied, physically assaulted, made fun of or put down and humiliated by fellow classmates. This type of bullying is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated at schools. But when do you draw the line between actual bullying and your usual normal kid/teenage horse play or innocent name calling?
Well the title says it all, Bullying Broadly Defined, is correct. In today’s society, people have seemingly become more and more sensitive to comments or are easily made to feel threatened, which are only meant to be taken as humorous jokes with bad taste, or what some people would say, bullying. Some schools have now changed the meaning of what bullying really means for example, if someone were to say “hey you look ugly today” and that person then gets punished for trying to be a funny guy who maybe probably was just sarcastically saying how good you actually look today. People like that are now being treated as bullies and being punished because of the broadness of the word bullying. “Repeated inappropriate behavior, direct or indirect” (559-10). That can be almost any type of behavior especially with kids and teenagers. Bullying has always been able to define itself you know when some really…

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