Bullying Is Defined As A Type Of Behavior Essay

2380 Words Dec 18th, 2016 10 Pages
Bullying is commonly defined as a type of behavior where a person repeatedly intends to cause harm to a person both physically and emotionally (“Bullying at school,” 2016). Usually such behavior is aimed at certain groups who may be different due to their religion, race and gender. Most researchers estimate that between 14 and 20% of students in schools will experience bullying at least once during their academic career. Indeed, according to the NSPCC of the United Kingdom, there were about 25,700 counseling sessions with children and teens regarding bullying (NSPCC, 2016). In addition to that, there are 16,000 young people absent from school due to bullying (NSPCC, 2016). NSPCC quoted a girl on their website who said, “Even since the Paris attacks, I have been getting bullied really badly at school. I wear a headscarf and the bullies think that just because I am a Muslim that I support ISIS. It’s gotten so bad that I have started to miss school, which I never do. The teachers can see what’s happening but they don’t seem to want to get involved or do anything about it. I just want to be treated like a human being and the same as everyone else.” (NSPCC, 2016) These words are a vivid example of bullying victims’ experiences. Therefore one thing is clear, bullying and teasing at schools is something that happens very often nowadays, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Indeed, such actions bring bitter and dismal consequences therefore we should tackle the problem of bullying as much…

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