Bullying Is An Issue Among Young Adolescents Essay

1019 Words Nov 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Bullying is an issue amongst young adolescents in the educational system that has negatively impacted them in school and their daily lives. These unwanted, aggressive behaviors among each other has affected their performance in school. Whether if it is making a threat, spreading rumors, verbally or physically abusing them, or excluding someone from a group, it affects them from learning and being mentally stable. Young girls who gets bullied in school have a different impact then young boys. The characteristics of bullying is different when it comes to young girls. There are more rumors, gossip, insults, name-calling, exclusions, online attacks, or phone calls. These characteristics certainly leads to internalizing problems being stronger for girls. For instance, depression or psychological distress plays a bigger factor in girls getting bullied. Also, having that stability within a group is very important for girls. So, the outcome of someone getting bullied may tear apart the strong friendship and can cause them to have mental breakdowns, anxiety problems, or isolations from school. The effects of bullying impacts young girls in the educational system with different consequences than young boys. The different characteristics of bullying for young girls is that they tend to fall in victims of relational bullying. Relational bullying is more personal and it usually happens between friends (Leckie, 1998). For instance, some of these characteristics are rumors, name-calling,…

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