Bullying Is An Important Public Health Problem Essay

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Bulling, by definition, is using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, in an attempt to force them to do something. However, bullying can include physical or mental abuse. The problem of bullying among youth and in schools has been around for decades. Recently, “teachers and school psychologists are increasingly turning their attention to the problem of violence among students” (Ribakova, valeeva, and Merker, 2016). While bullying has become an increased concern among children and parents in schools all over the world, it presents immense health concerns for those involved. As stated by experts on the subject, “Youth bullying is an important public health problem, which is often associated with serious repercussions on students’ mental health” (Pigozi and Bartoli, 2015). Throughout this essay, we will discuss the causes of bullying, different types of bullying, and health concerns related to bulling.

Bullying in schools has become an increased problem in more recent times. While it has gotten more attention among researchers, it is still an ongoing issue. Individuals form the Institute of Education refer to bullying as: “an act of intentional aggression involving the selection of specific targets by bullies for specific reasons” (Wong, Chang and Chen, 2013). The reasons for bullying could be extensive. However, through research and experimentation, the reasons for bullying have become more clear. There are certain characteristics of an individual that seem…

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