Bullying Is A Serious Problem Essay

1626 Words Dec 6th, 2016 7 Pages
In recent years, educators and legislators have struggled with how to handle bullying in schools. Schools feel that the best thing to do is to not acknowledge bullying. Most schools debate whether or not anti-bullying laws are effective. However, due to the multiple cases of bullying in schools and the effect that it has on students, bullying has become a huge controversy in schools today. Schools should take bullying more serious and find better ways to handle it. First and foremost, bullying has become a serious problem that threatens the safety of students. Bullying at school is a common problem and still today, many take the "children will be children" attitude toward the problem. However, school violence can be serious and can sometimes lead to a deadly consequence. More than simple taunting, bullying demands constant verbal, physical, and emotional abuse that laws can help schools to eliminate. StopBullying.gov, an anti-bullying website controlled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, states that "there is no universally accepted definition of bullying." The site also states that several principles commonly describe bullying as "intentionally aggressive, usually repeated," and happens in situations where a "power difference exists between the young people involved” (LeRoy, 2013). Bullies usually have something else going on that no one really knows about which causes them to be a bully. Bullies have many characteristics such as: feeling a…

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