Bullying Is A Serious Problem Essay

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“Every child deserves to live life to the fullest” (Brenda High). Children deserve to acquire information in a secure environment and be content and comfortable in school. Many children experience bullying throughout elementary, middle, and high school. Bullying is a physical or verbal mistreatment against an individual, done with the intent to harm. Bullying is not a recent phenomenon, but it has been shrouded in silence, and embarrassment. Numerous parents and schools view bullying as a normal part of growing up and after multitudinous years bullying is being recognized as an epidemic. Parents and students want to have the security that the school environment will be safe. Verbal and physical bullying is a serious problem with numerous serious effects that can be long lasting. Bullying not only affects the victim, but affects society; however, bullying can be prevented by parents and schools. First of all, one of the most common types of bullying that occurs in schools is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying includes: name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, racist remarks,or verbal abuse (“Types of Bullying” 1). This type of bullying affects the victim’s self worth and they perceive that no one concerns for their prosperity. Usually the bully has a low-self esteem and wants to feel powerful by negatively affecting the victim’s self confidence. Children get verbally bullied because of their race, beliefs, sexual orientation, or disabilities.The article, “Bullying…

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