Bullying Is A Serious And Complicated Problem Essay

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Bullying is a serious and complicated problem that happens within a specific social construct that is influenced by certain types of media, like fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty. Such social constructs can involve concepts such as gender norms. According to Yerby, Baron, and Lee, “Gender roles are a perceived set of behavioral norms usually associated with males and females in a given social group or system” (1). In addition to there being a couple of different reasons why people bully, there are also different types of bullying. Furthermore, for any behavior to be bullying it must have specific characteristics. However, the consequences of any type of bullying are severe for everyone involved. Bullying is oftentimes handled inappropriately by school officials, and there are misconceptions about bullying.
Part of the research that Hughes, Schuele, and Kelly did was about the possible reasons why people bully others. It is theorized that people bully others due to the fact that is how they were taught to behave by their parents. In other words, they come from unhealthy or even abusive families. On the flip side, people who bully others may behave that way due to the fact that their parents make their kids adhere to the rules they set, or even set rules in the first place. However, another reason is that bullying is essentially an effort to maintain or gain popularity. As a matter of fact, “In The Bully Society, Klein (2012) suggested that social dominance can be…

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