Bullying Is A Common And Well Established Problem For Children

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Bullying is very common and well-established problem for children in many societies (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015). A child is considered bullied when he is frequently subjected to bad actions on behalf of peers. This counselor will address the issue presented in this paper through a group format raising awareness in teaching selected students the skills to recognize and diffuse bullying. The counselor will meet with the group 4 times. She will also meet alone with Juan 2 times. The sessions will be as follows, first session: Juan and counselor alone, the next 4 consecutive meetings will be with the entire group, and the last meeting will be the conclusion of the sessions comprised of Juan and the counselor alone to assess all the therapy done. At this time, the counselor will determine if more sessions are needed, and what type of sessions will be, whether single or group. The first time Juan and the counselor meet will be for the counselor to assess Juan and to get to know him better. The second time this counselor meets with Juan alone will be at the end of the entire session. At this time, the counselor and Juan will assess all the progress done in all the meetings, the times met alone with the counselor, and those with the group. The group will be composed of Juan, his peers, who are bullying him, identified by Juan, and some other school students in order not to singled out Juan or his bullies. The goal of this group format is to provide support for…

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