Bullying Is A Big Problem For Children Essay

780 Words Oct 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Should bullies get kicked from school? Well, I think they should from kick from school because bullying is a big problem for children that could go through it. We hear about this on the news for quite sometimes. Some students don’t even go because of bullying. Bullying occurs because a person wants power and lacks knowledge of other cultures. Usually when students bullies, they try to be mean to others. Some bullies push it too far when trying to annoy others, but ending up getting into a fight with others. An example of bullying are calling someone names, hitting somebody for a reason, or saying mean words on social media. The common types of bullying are verbal bullying, physical bullying, and cyber bullying. One of the common type of bullying that involves calling other students ' names is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is defined ongoing name calling, threating others, and making a mean comment about someone’s attributes. When a person verbal bully other students, I think they should defense themselves and get help. In the other hands, students getting bullied often may think about suicidal depending on their situation. Some may say the sign of students getting verbal bullying. The signs are students becoming moody or withdraw. Being bullied makes you feel different than someone is bullying you. Bullies have their reasons of why they do it. It is never that easy to stop the bullying. For verbal bullying, students report the activity…

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