Bullying in the Workplace Essay

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Bullying in the workplace is one of the most significant challenges facing companies today. According to the Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention nearly half (49%) of all workers in the United States have been a victim or witnessed abusive behavior towards an employee (www.workplacebullying.org). Bullying in the workplace is similar to childhood bullying, but workplace bullies often operate within established policies of their companies. They commit deliberate acts against employees or co-workers disrupting the workplace. Bullies undermine the goals of the organization and create a hostile work environment for all employees. During my career I have crossed paths with several bullies in the workplace. I have been a victim and a …show more content…
My experience with bullying was with a co-worker who believed that yelling and screaming provided results. This individual believed they way to get things complete in a timely manner was through intimidation. Typically in a manufacturing environment there are delays in production. These delays are regrettable, but they are an inherent part of the process. These delays often caused issues for our customers and my co worker believed these delays could be avoided by berating the production personnel. Their tactics were often effective and this served only to strengthen their resolve to continue with these actions. The mindset was that they would complete the task out of fear. This individual was not in management, this harassment was inflicted not on employees but co-workers. When this person entered a room the mood of the group was changed immediately. Everyone was forced to walk on egg shells around this person. Management was not immune to harassment, they would often dictate policy based on the ranting and raving of this bully. The uncomfortable or hostile work environment created by this one person became so unbearable that I transferred departments to remove myself from the situation. The impact of the employees who are affected by bullies in their place of work is significant. The bully creates a

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