The Role Of Bullying In The Workplace

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It is necessary to eliminate bullying in the workplace because it does nothing good for the company. Bullying shuts people down and doesn’t allow them to be themselves. You want your workplace to be a sanctuary and a safe place for you to be you. You shouldn’t have deal with bullies running the atmosphere at a place you spend most of your life at. In my opinion, bullying is not just another form of organizational conflict, and the reason being is that the people who are being mean are doing it to cut people down to make themselves superior or get pleasure out of it. It is not just some issue at work, it is someone going out their way to ruin someone else’s day and get their jollies off of it.

If you feel like you are targeted, it is kind of difficult to do anything legally about it. There are not to many laws that hinder bullying in the workplace. The first thing you can do, is give it a name. Let human resources know what is going on and not just sugar coat it because you think it is not important. One of the next things is to call the bully out. Don’t let them shame you anymore, but for now call them on everything they do. I love the couple examples that the lady in the video gives to have a bully free work zone. The fist one, which can be really
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This goes right back to the positive thought processes that I have talked about a couple of times this year in the other exercises. There is definitely powerful about changing your perspective on things and really pulling out the positive in a negative situation. People always say, “it is all about you attitude,” and I agree with that statement 100% of the time. I think that your attitude affects the way you think and react to situations. When you restructure your thought process to pull the best out of the worst, not only will you be a much happier person, but you will also alter the way you receive and remember that

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