Bullying in Schools Essay

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Bullying in Schools Elementary school marks the period whereby children begin to define themselves. Children build identities in which they can be distinguished. As children develop personalities begin to clash. Children may begin to taunt their peers because they appear different. The act of bullying demonstrates the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate someone. Schools seem to be the predominant outlet where the most severe bullying gives way to a change in the behavior of the victim. School administrators should take more aggressive action in eliminating bullying in the schools in order to prevent the victims from experiencing an altered mental state. Bullying can take many forms, such as physical aggression, …show more content…
My daughter was once a victim of bullying and her experience resulted to her reclusion. She became ashamed of herself especially her looks. She opted to avoid school and church activities in fear of constant ridicule about her weight. She became completely withdrawn. Bullying generates a negative stigma that surrounds those who encounter it. Not only does bullying interfere with the victims’ school work but with their mental state. In order to ensure a nonviolent surrounding, school administrators should work with the victims to invent ways to eliminate bullying in schools. School administrators should enforce rules and regulations such as harsher penalties for those who bully continuously. A school support system should be formed to assure the victims that the school could be a safe haven for them. Incentives could also be given to those students who practice random acts of kindness such as helping another student to carry books or respecting their space by keeping their hallways and cafeteria cleaner. As parents, we must also learn to spend more time with our children. Sometimes children bully because of their own sadness and anger, or after being bullied themselves. When we get close to our children, we may find that they will share their worries behind the bullying behavior.

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