Bullying In A Sociological Study

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Studying psychology, anthropology, and sociology encourages the exploration of the diverse aspects in our community. The application of these three social sciences develops our understanding of human behaviour. Further, this information can explain our actions and thoughts towards ourselves and others in social situations, such as bullying. Bullying in a school can be examined with the knowledge of the social sciences to explain the nature of the students involved.

Psychology is the study the human mind and its functions – how an individual thinks, feels, and behaves. Thus, the application of this social science can assist in our understanding of the behaviour and mindset of a bully. Examining a bully in a psychological sense can form questions
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Thus, the application of this social science promotes our understanding of bullying within a school community to relate it to larger issues. Examining bullying in a school in a sociological sense can form questions such as: Why is this happening in a particular school? How does bullying differ within different age groups and grades? How does bullying differ between individuals of different genders and socio-economic statuses? Why are certain groups targeted? Why do certain groups target others? How can bullying shape an individual? A social scientist may study bullying in a sociological sense to determine the success of anti-bullying efforts, such as clubs, within certain schools, age and socio-economic groups, genders, and races. The sociologist may find certain social patterns and create specific plans to reduce bullying in schools based on the data found. For example, if the bullying within a school community was primarily between those of different races, the social scientist may recommend that all the students receive education about the importance of respecting and appreciating cultural differences and customs. Steps can be taken to reduce bullying if all students honour and recognize the human dignity of all their

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