Bullying Case Study : Cyber Bullying Essay

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Bullying Case Study: Cyber Bullying
Summary of the issue:
In today’s world, cyberbullying is the fastest growing form of bullying. It consists the use of electronic devices, such as computers, cell phones, emails, and social networking sites in order to spread rumors, harass someone, threaten them, or intimidate them, all through an electronic screen. According to a study done by MTV, 42% of young people have been bullied online and one in four have had it happen to them on more than one occasion (AP- MTV Digital Abuse Study, 2009)
How this type of bullying affects a child’s overall development: physical, social, emotional, ethical, cognitive and language development
Cyberbullying, like any form of cyberbullying, carries the risk of causing harm to a child’s overall development. For instance, when a child is cyberbullied, the punishment does not stop in school. It is an ongoing, seemingly never ending process that can continues from home. According to Alexandra Kirchoff, “The person being bullied may struggle with depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and eating, loneliness, and decreased achievement in school (Kirchoff.) This shows the terrible emotional abuse of cyberbullying. Not only does it affect them at the time of the event, but it can affect them later on in life. To continue, physical abuse can happen after the cyber abuse if the victim tries to ignore the abusers and the bully moves towards violence. To continue, social effects can be anywhere. For example,…

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