Essay about Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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Bullying occurs nationwide, in schools all over the country. Within U.S. schools, for every four kids enrolled, one is bullied regularly. Victims of bullying were more than twice as likely as other kids to contemplate suicide and about 2.5 times as likely to try to kill themselves, due to the bullying these kids are put to endure the emotional effects of being teased, harassed, beaten up or otherwise harmed by their peers. Bullying can occur both at school and away from school in the cases of many children. For many children the torment continues afterschool using social media. These children and teens are taunted by cyberbullies. These cyber bullies make the victims feel defenseless and causes them to have more suicidal thoughts. All this is seen most commonly throughout sixth to tenth grade. About 77% of students have been bullied at some point in their life. Whether that meant dealing with mental or physical bullying, most students put through bullying put up with it and try to endure it as much as possible until they can 't take it anymore. However, there are cases where individuals couldn’t endure it any longer and decide to end their lives’. Both cyberbullying and regular bully causes problems such as declining grades, more anxiety and less desire to be around friends and have a social life. Since they face hardships most of the time they will choose to isolate themselves and ignore everything else around them.
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