Essay about Bullying At Meadville Area Senior High School

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Many schools and communities have taken actions to prevent bullying from occurring. They have teamed up with the local media outlets to run stories on the effects of being bullied and what the consequences of a being a bully are. Some schools have created programs for students who are at risk for being a bully due to feeling out of place and not having the social skills to form friendships. They have trained student leaders that go into the student body and befriend the students that are socially struggling. By having a friend and helping them adjust to school, they have reduced the likelihood that those students will become bullies. At Meadville Area Senior High School, the faculty and staff teamed up with student leaders to help students who show signs of depression, lack social skills, or have been the victim of a bullying attack. The program is a part of the Peer Mentor system.
“I was a Peer Mentor all four years of High School, I loved the fact that I was able to help another student, who had been bullied, by being their friend. I could see the impact the program had made on the school by probably my sophomore year. We had about 50 students who were Peer Mentors, each mentor had two to four students they would look after at any given time. I began to realize how many students had a PM friend and that opened my eyes to the amount of students in my school that had been a victim of bullying. That made me think about how many students have been bullied and have no…

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