Essay on Bullying At A Park, A Workplace, And School

727 Words May 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Bullying is everywhere if you seek it. For example at a park, a workplace, and school. There are many types of bullying and the most common ones are cyber bullying which is a form of bullying through an electronic device, Verbal bullying uses verbal language such as insults, and physical bullying involves physical violence.I experienced bullying in middle school so did my best friend Annie. I experienced verbal bullying but Annie experienced physical and cyberbullying. Bullying is aggressive behavior intended to cause harm or distress. Cyberbullying the most common form of bullying in today 's generation; Although I never experienced cyber bullying my best friend Annie did. When I was in seventh-grade social networks such as Facebook were the new rage. There was a small get together and invitations were being sent out to kids with absolute importance. I was not invited but Annie was. I was surprised that she even got invited, but on the other hand I was happy for her. Annie arrived to the party and she got put to work right away. Annie realized she was not invited to have fun and socialize, but to work on everyone 's homework since the party was on a school night.Annie thought that if she would help she would be accepted but on the contrary she made herself look like a buffoon. The crowd turned into a party of seven into a party of fifteen real quick when someone anonymously posted a picture of "Annie the calculator ". Annie was humiliated and she could not feel or…

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