Bullying As An Act Of Aggressive Act Essay

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Bullying can be defined as an act of aggressive act that is intentional, taking force upon someone who cannot defend themselves from an individual or group. Cyberbullying is nearly the same thing as bullying but is done online, using electronic devices such as phones, emails, and social networks. Cyberbullying can happen in innumerable ways, through phone calls, text messages, blogs, pictures and more. The availability of the internet makes it easier for bullying to take place in the long run, this can cause numerous problems. The effects of bullying can cause suicides, depression and isolation.
Daily around the world kids are experiencing bullying. Frightened and unable to say what is going on to anyone. There has been novels, movies and television shows about this damaging act called cyberbullying. In the novels, movies and television they each show the gruesome times and measures the characters go through. This leading to an unbearably outcome for some who are being bullied. Once I was bullied through text messages and online by somebody I never meet before. I was repeatedly called slow and dumb by this person. Me unable to deal with the negative I blocked the person out my life. To have to deal with something as such, is not fair to anyone. It causes a pain in that person’s heart because it’s wrong how someone you do not even know can make unkindly judgments about you.
Cyberbullying can be found in countless places: schools, college and even the workplace. Within the…

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