Essay on Bullying And Victimization Of Adolescents

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In this article, the authors based their research on bullying and victimization of adolescents within the African-American population. African-Americans experience higher school dropout rates than their Caucasian counterparts. The African-American population are more than likely to engage in risky behavior than any other ethnic group. Researchers also found that African-American adolescents have a higher chance of growing up in single-parent households and in low-income regions. As a result, African-American adolescents who grow up in single-parent households and in low income regions are most likely to be the aggressor instead of the victim in regards to bullying.
According to various research, African-American adolescents partake in all forms of bullying such as cyber bullying, relational bullying, physical bullying, and verbal bullying. In this study, African-American adolescents had the opportunity to take the Olweus bullying/victim questionnaire. Researchers found that African-American adolescents were both the aggressor and the victim. In addition, African-American males are most likely to be the aggressor. Moreover, adolescent who have less parental supervision and have been exposed to violence are most likely to be aggressors of bullying. The authors in this text made some great interesting points in regards to the external factors of African-American adolescents. For instance, poverty does correlates with aggressive behavior.
Bhatta, M.P., Shakya, S.,…

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