Bullying And The Youth Of America Essay

1410 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
What is bullying? According to Webster dictionary it is defined as “ a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” There has become a major crises with the youth of America regarding bullying. In my peoples mind when they think of bullying the immediately think of a stronger kid pushing around on a little kid in the playground, indeed this is a type of bullying, but there are many ways a person can be bullied, bullying can be physical, sending text messages, on-line, and the most common and in my opinion the most detrimental is verbal. The reason bulling has been giving much notoriety is due to the internet It is thru the internet, the bully can post derogatory statements, about that person and the entire school read the post and ridicule the person. According to the Center for Disease Control in their 2013 study on youth discovered that 14.8 % of children reported being bullied online thru this research that I will show that bullying hurts children and cause them many problems well into their adult life. According to the National Center for Educational Statistic found that 1 in3 students (27.8%) reported being bullied during the school year.
A child could be bullied on because of their clothes, financial status, and sexual orientation. In regard to clothing, in many poor inner city communities much value is given to an individual that has nice clothing, now if a child does not have the latest name -brand clothing, or the newest…

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