Essay on Bullying And Teasing Of Youth

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How would you like it if your child was being bullied? Many studies have proven that bullying has been a problem nationwide. Based on the article “Bullying and Teasing of Youth with Disabilities: Creating Positive School Environments for Effective Inclusion” presented that
“Harassment of youth with disabilities in particular has been steadily increasing,”(Hoover 1). As a result, a child who is born with a disability, it is more likely for them to be bullied than those who don 't have a disability at all. The reason being is because others may view them differently and could possibly take advantage of them for not being able to understand, communicate, or do certain things. This topic is exceedingly important to any family to see if this situation is occurring by addressing the issue to their child just in case their child is being bullied or even if the child is bullying others, so we can help these kids from suffering and head them in the right mindset. With his in mind, we will then talk about the different outcomes bullying can encounter when it is presented, but we will also discuss a variety of different solutions that can overcome this problem, and lastly not only will we present our ideas, but also different ideas that others have suggested.
To begin with, bullying and harassment comes with multiple problems. A numerous amount of people may not understand the different results of bullying that occurs when a student
Vera 2 is being bullied. Thus, students that get…

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