Essay on Bullying And Its Effects On The Workplace

1344 Words Jan 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Bullying in the Workplace Although bullying has been around for decades, most people tend to think of bullying as an epidemic predominantly in our educational system due to the intensity of the media surrounding the countless number of suicides connected to bullying in schools. Acts of victimization do not always begin and end in schools, it can continue in our homes and even in our work environments. Although, for many of us, the expectation is that of employees modeling professionalism, ethical behavior and a team building approach to achieving our common goals to provide the best possible service and product to the community, this may not be the case. I know countless people have experienced some form of bullying in their lives, even if that behavior accepted as a normal part of growing up; there was a sense of understanding that it was still wrong. I have personally heard adults in the workplace make statements such as “don’t be a wuss” or “suck it up.” Regrettably, this belief does not change until they realize the situation has become brutally abusive and taxing on an individual. Unfortunately, some colleagues may believe you should not resort to whistle-blowing and contacting a Human Resources representative when experiencing ill-treatment. In these cases, already mistreated employees are faced with further persecution from coworkers instead of support and understanding. These attitudes and behaviors lead to an increased tendency to accept mistreatment and…

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