Bullying And Its Effects On The Victims Of Bullying Essay example

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Bullying has always been a problem in our society whether it’s in the workplace, school, home, or even online. The definition of a bully according to Dictionary.com is “A person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people”. Bullying is never a fun experience to have. I say this because when I was in elementary school I was always teased about my weight which caused me to become self conscious about eating in front of the other students and end up not eating lunch at all. Overall bullying can have many causes and serious effects on the victims of bullying.
Bullying can have many different causes. First, bullies may bother other people because they have an anger problem. To illustrate, In Sally Kuykendall’s “Bullying” “People who acted violently were releasing built-up frustration”. In other words students or coworkers who bully others may have a serious anger issue and are trying to find an outlet to let out all that anger. Second, Teenagers brains aren’t fully developed which means they have horrible decision making skills. For example, again in Sally Kuykendall’s “Bullying” “Adolescents are walking contractions. They have the body of an adult but the brain of a child. The frontal lobe, the part of the brain that guides judgment and decision making skills, is not fully developed until the mid-twenties.”(Sally Kuykendall). This example may cause some teenagers in school to make the wrong decision of bullying other students. Lastly, people who bully could have been the…

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