Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

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When it comes to bullying, many would expect the classical version such as them saying to meet them for a fight after school or being laughed at or picked on during the class day. Yet as the time goes on, bullying has changed a lot as well with all of the new technology that has came out today. Inventions such as the internet, social media and television show the different ways that an individual can bully another. The effects that it shows can cause some very powerful effects to the victims of the bullying and can lead to things like depression and to the extreme like suicide and even to those who are doing the bullying. So for this, what will be described are those we know of and don 't about bullying and cyberbullying.
In the basis of bullying, the independent and dependent variables in the study are as followed. The independent variables are the ones who are being bullied and those who are the bully. Dependent variables for these are all based on what form of bullying that are being performed, what method are they doing to achieving it, and how long are they performing these actions towards them. For bullying, its either the normal or as some may call the classical approach to bullying such as picking on them in class or calling the individual names to hurt or make them feel a certain way. Or the new means of bullying, known as cyberbullying, which uses the internet or any form of communication that has a screen (computers, cell phones, video games, etc.) as a way to…

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