Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In today 's society bullying seems to be a never ending cycle. Rather it be physical bullying or cyberbullying it continues to occur. Bullying has become way too normal in today 's society. There are always articles about different bullying incidents that has occurred, unfortunately these reports usually happen after something worse has happened. This is usually the case because there has been a very low percentage of bullying reports. Victims of bullying are more than likely afraid that it will make their lives harder. To decrease bullying and the lack or reports on it, along with education and awareness there needs be real action taken by teachers, parents and students. There needs to be more than just simple campaigns, there needs to be different training programs, and even public in-school and out bullying panels with professionals and victims of bullying could really help reduce bullying.
To effectively help reduce bullying one has to truly understand everything about bullying. One must learn everything from the history of bullying to why someone bullies. Its very easy for one to automatically think about the victim of bullying, but you also have to look at the reason why the bully is a bully. Understanding why someone is a bully can help reduce bullying and allow the bully to understand that there actions can deeply hurt someone badly and its more than just mental. Even though bullying anyone is terrible and unacceptable there are times where you do need to help the…

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