Bullying And Its Effects On Society 's Youth Essay

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Fingers feverishly swipe across the keyboard, launching the rumors and insults about the new girl; no one knows anything about her, only that she does not fit into their life style. Today’s technology is made to send out a single text across the country, update a Facebook wall post within seconds, and become the face of cyberbullying that is infringing on society’s youth. With so much modern technology coming out every day, where does one begin to take control? Though old-school ways are still apparent, it’s the new faceless way of bullying that is rising up to the platform. The insulting tweet about the new girl never gave her a bloody nose or showed tears of sorrow, because cyberbullying is a blank screen to look at. Without any physical evidence of abuse, sometimes help is too late.
The issue of bullying, singling out a person by insulting or causing repeatedly physical and emotional harm, has been around for centuries. Although some may see the constant hounding as a rite of passage, research is finding that this harassment has become a major problem now that the world has gone virtual. With technology on the rise, bullying can now travel home with kids through text messages, e-mails, and social media making the oppression hard to get away from. Since almost every house hold contains a computer and teenager a phone, cyberbullying has no area restrictions or time limit, thus the constant harassment continues outside school where help may not available. What most people…

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