Bullying And Its Effects On School Schools Essay

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Most bullying takes place in schools on school grounds and on school buses. Bullying also happens wherever children gather in the community and of course, cyberbullying occurs on cell phones and online. According to a large study, the following percentages of middle school students have experienced bullying in these various places at school, the classroom, hallways or lockers, cafeteria, PE class, bathroom, playground or recess.

Myths of Bullying There are many different myths when it comes to bullying, there we will see four common myths that are associated with bullying. The first myth is that bullies suffer from low self-esteem (Juvonen, 2005). Bullies are identified by means other than by self-rapport, not all of them have self-esteem. According to studies they report that aggressive children at this age perceive themselves in a positive light and at times displaying inflated self-views (Juvonen, 2005). Evidence shows that bullies are less depressed, lonely and socially anxious. These findings regarding positive self-perceptions and lack of emotional distress can be understood when we consider peer status of bullies, which relates to the next common misconception (Juvonen, 2005). The second myth according to Juvonen (2005) is that bullies are social outcasts. Contrary to the common stereotypes, bullies are not social outcasts they have many friends. Although the friends that they have many also be involved in aggressive children who reinforce bullying. In…

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