Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Bullying has been one of the most talked about issues over the past few years. Kids are taught at a young age to treat others the way they want to be treated, but most kids take advantage of this mentality and bully others. Bullying is caused by having psychological damage at a young age due to someone mistreating them. Bullying causes many different problems to your mental, social, and physical health, as people can get depression as an effect from bullying. The way to fix bullying is to not ignore the bullies, but to instead inform the public on the situation and show kids how to stand up for themselves and others.
Bullying is caused by a number of factors and no bully has the same conscience or mindset as another, but one thing most of them have in common is a negative, psychological event happening early in their life. This event can come from seeing something bad on television, psychical punishment, or by seeing their parents or guardians mistreat others. Television shows often feature a, “bully” character that is mean and hurts others, but is often one of the funnier characters so the children see this at a young age and believe being mean is how you become funny. Young kids are very impressionable, especially to things they see on television since they spend most of their time in a day watching it. Shows with a high amount of fighting will give children an unrealistic view of what everyday life is and they will think that you are supposed to get in a fight every day.…

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