Bullying And Its Effects On Children Essay example

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There is a growing tendency that most of bullying accidents happen in school. According to the DHHS, “1 in 3 U.S students have been bullied at school. In addition, more types of bullying like teasing, purposeful isolation, rumor-spreading and physical incident begin to take place in school” (in Bullying statistics 2014). Even though bullying is so common in school, bullying must be banned because it not only has negative effects on victims, but also gives disadvantages to bullies and schools. To start off, bullying has terrible effects on victims. Those who are bullied occasionally will affect the academic results and mental diseases. For study, victims are likely to miss and skip school. According to the Nobullying website, about 160000 teens drop out of school every day since they are bullied, and 10% teenagers skip school because of repeated bullying (Bullying Statistics 2014). In spirit,it is easy for sufferers to have depression and anxiety. The Victoria Government (n.d.Nov, 2, 2015) claims that the effect of victims are difficultly accepted by peers, they feel loneliness and isolation. The reason why they are dispirited and anxious is because they are not willing to tell adults and teachers what had happened when they suffered from bullying. Bullying Statistics(2014) claims that only 20%--30% of victims prefer to tell adults or authorities to expose bullies.Gradually, they increased of feelings of sadness when they afraid to tell people their situation which causes…

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