Bullying And Its Effect On The Victim Essay

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One of the biggest issues revolves around identification: What is bullying, exactly? “The core elements of the definition include: unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and repetition of behaviors or high likelihood of repetition” (stopbullying.gov). There are many different types of bullying and they can be direct or indirect but the commonality is the negative effect on the victim. In some cases bullying can be construed as criminal actions, such as harassment, hazing, assault and more.
The National Center for Educational Statistics published that 22% of teens between the ages of 12 and 18 reported bullying at school. Four percent of students were threatened with harm and another three percent had personal property destroyed as a result of bullying. Females and Whites were the groups that reported bullying the most at school (2014). Stopbullying.Gov reported more alarming statistics that 49% of students in grades 4-12 reported bullying in the last month and 15% of High School students were victims of cyber bullying of some sort (2014.Gov). While Bullying is not addressed through federal law, many states have legislations on bullying. I contend that it is a large factor in the educational process of public schooling in America. Successful schools ensure that their students can focus on learning free from distractions. Students must feel safe at school to ensure maximum attendance and engagement.
Bullying is a big issue in public…

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